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Content Starts “The Flower, The Bird and The Mountain” NEW ALBUM Vinyl + Digital

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We are very excited to share this news! Our new album, The Flower, The Bird and The Mountain – “A love letter to the Masters of Japanese Ambient and Environmental music” has been released by Isle of Jura Records’ sub-label, “Temples of Jura “.

Listen to the full album

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Vinyl + Digital on Bandcamp

About The Flower, The Bird and The Mountain:

Postcards introduced The Kyoto Connection to listeners around the world and brought Facundo into our orbit. During Argentina’s covid lockdown, Facundo received a set of soundscapes recorded in Kyoto by the Japanese musician and sound designer Masafumi Komatsu. Over several insular months, he decorated them with synthesisers, samples and subtle rhythms, creating The Kyoto Connection’s next album, The Flower, The Bird and the Mountain to be released via Isle Of Jura offshoot Temples Of Jura. Ostensibly made up of twelve distinct tracks, listening to The Flower, The Bird and the Mountain feels more akin to spending calm, meditative time in twelve specific environments.

Although the foundations they rest on are recordings made in geographic locations around Kyoto, Facundo has yet to visit Japan. As a result, the landscapes he paints sit somewhere between fiction and fact, richly pictorial sonic imagination juxtaposed with echoes of reality. Regardless, as his bubbling melodies and glistening synthesisers glide against Masafumi Komatsu’s recordings, Facundo guides us into a blissful zone of tranquillity well worth spending time within.

Pressed on heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl with sleeve design by Bradley Pinkerton.

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