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Download our full discography (plus some rarities) and help us reach our fundraising goal to fulfill the dream of going to Kyoto!

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NEW ALBUM “A Journey of A Thousand Miles”

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JAPANESE AMBIENT/NEW AGE MEETS VIDEO-GAME/COMPUTER MUSIC: THE KYOTO CONNECTION RELEASES “A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES” The Kyoto Connection announces the launch of their new album “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles” Drawing inspiration from the profound oriental proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,”... Read More


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What a year! It was full of lovely moments in our studio. Also, we started as a three-piece band and now we’re 4! Thank you for your support, new music is coming soon!

Setsuko’s Smile (LIVE at home)

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To celebrate the release of our new album “The Flower, The Bird and The Mountain” we got together at home to record this live version of “Setsuko’s Smile”, the last track of the side A of the album. We hope the music transports you to the landscapes of Kyoto as... Read More

“Haiku Loop” (2022 remake)

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Sometimes love can take the form of Haiku: Simple, beautiful, short, inexplicable from the mind, but understandable from the heart. Haiku Loop is a song from our first album (The First Voyage, 2006) that we revisit today to connect with those simple, ephemeral and beautiful moments of love in our... Read More

Waterfall (2022 live version)

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Little by little we are recording video versions of our most important songs. Today, we share with you a live version of “Waterfall” from our album Wake Up (2013). This song was composed by Jesica and is an exquisite violin piece inspired by the soundscape of Kyoto. Enjoy it! And... Read More

we have news

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Summer months are usually difficult to get together to rehearse and make music due to the holidays. Luckily we are back in the studio working and preparing our next releases, although this year is kind of different. A few weeks ago we found out that Jesica and I are expecting... Read More

“Voyage To Kyoto” (LIVE)

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“Voyage To Kyoto” (Originally “Voyage III – Kyoto”) is a song from our album “The First Voyage”, originally released in 2006. Fifteen years later, we decided to revisit it in this live version from our studio, a basement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enjoy it!

Postcards from Japan

“Postcards from Japan” We’re featured on an official Spotify Playlist!

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We’ve been recently featured on the Spotify Editorial Playlist “Postcards from Japan – A celebration of contemporary Ambient music produced by Japanese artists”. Among a great selection of japanese-ambient tracks, you’ll find “Postcards”, “Kansai” and “Tea House” from our album “Postcards” (2018). This means lots of exposure for us, so... Read More


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1982 is a musical journey which combines the sounds and melodies of the 80s with the inspiration of Japanese culture. It is also the celebration of our 15th anniversary creating music of various genres and styles inspired by the sounds, landscapes and melodies of Japan. You can download it on... Read More

New Album coming up: “1982”

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We’re hard-working on the final arrangements for our next album, 1982, a ten-years-later successor to our beloved “No headphones required”. If you’re into the genre of synthpop/synthwave music, you’re going to like this. 9 songs will transport you to the best vibes of that era! Check out these shoots from... Read More

CD Prayer By Yuichiro Katsumoto

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We always love seeing our music being used on other inspiring projects! Check out this beautiful CD PRAYER featuring the music of The Kyoto Connection (the song is “Fears” from our album “The Middle Way”). You can see more works by KATSUMOTOY at his personal website. Ver esta publicación en... Read More

Tokyo Rose: “A Song for the Akita”

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A couple of weeks ago, Bruce Burnette shared a very inspirational story with us: “I am writing with an unusual request, a request that may be possible , or perhaps beyond what your group normally does. Your score of Hachiko led me to your group, and since then , your... Read More

“Camellia: Music for a Tea Ceremony” – Camellia Teahouse feat. The Kyoto Connection

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With great happiness we present “Camellia: Music for a Tea Ceremony”. A film collaboration between Camellia Teahouse and The Kyoto Connection. Enjoy this beautiful tea ceremony by Nao San with original music by us! Tea Instructor: Nao-san Music composer: Facundo Arena Violin: Jesica Rubino Special thanks to Kieren, Business Development... Read More

mistery song inspires hope 希望

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In the midst of this pandemic that’s taking way too longer that anyone could have imagined… I feel the urge to let hope speak trough my with music. Enjoy! cherry blossoms the Fukushima sky again smiling pink (Haiku by kash poet).

“Kamakura By The Sea”

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A little song inspired on the beautiful landscapes that Helen shares everyday from Kamakura. Thanks for the inspiration, Helen! You can follow Kamakura By The Sea on Instagram

New video-album “D-50 Notes & Soundscapes”

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We’re releasing a new ambient music album! A soft 40-min piece of inspirational/ambient music that will help you focus, calm and concentrate. Recorded from sunrise to sunset, using only my Roland D-50 from 1987. It’s a live recording, all custom sounds, no external effects. You can also download the audio-only... Read More

Unexpected Music Gifts on Twitter

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We’re are taking by surprise to the Twitter users who share videos of beautiful places in Japan with little music compositions inspired on what they share. A very creative experience that offers us another opportunity to give away our music to the world as a gift! Hi @Kamakura_By_Sea! What a... Read More