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Welcome to The Kyoto Connection Radio. A carefully-selected curation of the best japanese ambient / environmental / instrumental / new age music.

🔊 We are LIVE 24/7!

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Feel free to leave us your comments / song requests below!


  • I’ve just stumbled over your music on one of my nightly voyages. I can’t precisely pinpoint how I found you. But I’m very glad I did. I’m always astonished to find music like yours that just connects with my soul. And to find out after all that years just now.

    I’m battling with severe depression and your music touched me, when almost nothing was able to. That is a rare occasion. And those are the moments that help me keep fighting.

    Thank your for art and for sharing it with us.

    The world is a better one with you in it.
    I hope this message finds you well.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Mumpitz, thank you very much for letting us know that our music inspires you and helps you get through difficult times. You have the strength to do it, nothing happens to us without a purpose. We hope you find it soon and can move forward on the path to what awaits you. You are never alone, you will always find a light of hope in music.

      Best wishes!

  • I can’t state enough how much this music helps me focus. I also love the retro aesthetic of this website.

    If you don’t mind me asking, why is your goal to reach Kyoto in particular?

  • oops, I just made a comment (paying you guys compliment!), but it just disapeared. Any reason for that?

  • This is really amazing, I am listening to this radio almost 24/7! Thanks for the numerous Hiroshi Yoshimura tracks.
    I wonder if you could also broadcast some tracks by Keiichi Sugimoto (his work as”fourcolor”, filfla or minamo is just so great)

  • Saludos desde México. La propuesta sobre que aparezcan los títulos de los tracks en su radio es buena.

    Por otro lado, me gustaría invitarlos a un programa dedicado al ambient en Antimateria Sonora Radio que suena en el norte de México en FM y en línea via la Estación de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Abrazo!

  • Muchas gracias por la hermosa música. Tengo un interés en saber si cumplieron con el cometido o no !! , Si no, ojalá lo logren
    Saludos desde Chile

  • Any chance we might get a ‘Now Playing’ feature with song title/artists? A thousand thanks for creating this lovely musical fountain of serenity, keep up the good work KC!

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