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Content Starts Tokyo Rose: “A Song for the Akita”

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A couple of weeks ago, Bruce Burnette shared a very inspirational story with us:

“I am writing with an unusual request, a request that may be possible , or perhaps beyond what your group normally does. Your score of Hachiko led me to your group, and since then , your music from past , to present makes me happy when I listen to it. Of course, Hachiko is my favorite, since I love his life, and story , and I also have an Akita and Shiba Inu.
I reside in Virginia, USA.

I follow Akita World on Facebook. For such a long time, a wonderful caring lady named Candice Randolph, of West Virginia, posted photos of her American Akita, named Tokyo Rose. She would adorn Tokyo with costumes, and their daily antics, of shopping, walking, and enjoying each other’s company so much Readers of the group grew to love both Candice and Tokyo, including myself.

On 6-25-20, Candice announced to the group, that she had to say goodbye to Tokyo, that Tokyo had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, due to Tokyo having severe arthritis, unable to get up, and in so much pain.

So, I am writing to your group to ask if you could find it in your heart and talent, and kindness, to compose , and release a music score honoring Tokyo Rose. I know it would bring a lot of joy to Candice , that her girl was honored so, and to the thousands of people who knew this sweet Akita, it would bring happy memories. Should you not decide to undertake this request, I completely understand, and if you do, I also realize there is a long lead time to composing and releasing music.

Please give it your consideration, after all, Tokyo Rose shared your zeal for life. Thank you so much. You have the power and talent to lift a spirit.”

So, we composed “Tokyo Rose: A Song for the Akita”. Dedicated to the memory of Tokyo Rose, the lovely friend of Ms. Candice. Dedicated to all the loyal and faithful akitas in the world.

Thanks Bruce Burnette for sharing the beautiful story of Candice and Tokyo Rose with us. It was a big inspiration!

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1 Comment

  • So many thanks to the band for doing this tribute to Tokyo Rose, the Akita.
    It meant so much to Tokyo’s owner and myself ,and the followers of Tokyo Rose around the world.
    So beautiful , as all of The band’s music.
    Hachiko Forever

    Bruce Burnette

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