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Content Starts A Journey Of A Thousand Miles – Visual Poem

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In the stillness of dawn, life begins its trek—
A journey on paths, both clear and obscure.
Each step, a verse; each breath, a silent haiku,
Whispering tales of ephemeral beauty and enduring strife.

Beneath the cherry blossoms’ fleeting bloom,
We walk, our shadows mingling with the dust of stars.
The moon—our silent witness, in its waning and waxing,
Marks time, not in hours, but in moments of clarity and confusion.

The stream’s gentle flow, a metaphor for being,
Meanders through landscapes of joy and sorrow.
Its waters, clear and murky, mirror the soul’s journey—
A quest for meaning amidst the ever-changing tides of life.

Mountains loom, their peaks shrouded in mist,
Challenging our resolve, our desire to ascend.
Yet, in their daunting silence, we find our strength,
For each summit reached unveils horizons new and vast.

With each season’s turn, the path transforms—
Sakura petals give way to autumn’s fiery display.
Life, in its essence, a series of fleeting moments,
A dance of light and shadow, of holding on and letting go.

And as the dusk descends, our journey wanes,
The path now lit by the soft glow of fireflies.
In the quiet of twilight, life’s impermanence whispers,
A serene acceptance of all that was, is, and will be.

Thus, we wander, souls adrift in the vastness of existence,
Learning, with each step, the art of seeing the unseen.
For in the simplicity of nature’s cycle, the complexity of life unfolds—
A beautiful paradox, penned in the silent poetry of being.

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