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Content Starts Wake Up (2021) – LIVE feat. Jesica Rubino

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“Wake Up” is a song from our album by the same name released in 2013. Eight years later, we decided to revisit it in this live version at our studio, with vocals by Jesica Rubino.

YouTube video


I feel my skin connected with the Universe
I can turn on the light of the moon or the sun from my heart
I feel my body shining for the rest of us
From beginning to end, there’s no doubt on my mind
I feel free now

(Let me Wake Up, Wake Up)
Wake Up from my darkness and fears
(Let me Wake Up, Wake Up)
Wake Up from the loneliness within
(Let me Wake Up, Wake Up)
Wake Up from the wounds of my heart
Wake Up from the silence inside

Wake up to the way of the light
Wake up to the meaning of life
Wake up to the wall inside me
And break it to pieces

Wake up to the eyes of the world
Wake up to my true emotions
Wake up to fears of the past
And break them in pieces

I feel my body floating through the open sky
No more “poor little me” no more victim of life
I feel strong now
I see the space between us full of little lights
One to one, we’re one. Looking after a God who lies in us.

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1 Comment

  • Excelente reversión de este magnífico tema. Tan profundo y cercano a la vez. Gracias por haberlo compuesto, hilando tantas ideas esenciales. Gracias por volverlo a ejecutar con este clima cercano

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