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Content Starts New gear: Tascam Porta One MINISTUDIO (plus, new track)

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2023 will be a year full of new music (we have to upcoming releases) so getting some new gear sounded like a good idea. Most of our ambient tracks were mastered on an old Akai GXC-70D (for more info and pics, check this article on how Postcards was made) but that deck started to act a little “unbalanced” and getting a technician to fix it was kind of an adventure on it’s own so…

Enter the Tascam Porta One MINISTUDIO! (1984)

Tascam Porta One Mnistudio (1984)

This beautiful machine was one of the first cassette multitrack home recorders. I was lucky enough to find a really well serviced one for a good deal, and now it’s part of our studio!

To celebrate this acquisition, here’s a new track from our upcoming album “The Wind Among The Pines” called “Wabi Sabi”. Hope you like it!

YouTube video

New gear is always inspiration to make new music so keep in touch for new releases soon!

She’s still trying to understand the new toy…

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