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Content Starts NEW ALBUM “A Journey of A Thousand Miles”

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The Kyoto Connection announces the launch of their new album “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles”

Drawing inspiration from the profound oriental proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” the album embarks on a captivating musical expedition, inviting listeners to traverse the rich sonic landscapes of Japan.

Crafted with artistic precision, the album features a unique composition process that combines field recordings generously contributed by collaborators from all over Japan – capturing the essence of nature, cityscapes, temples and more – with the nostalgic sounds of 80s and 90s video-game console sound chips. The result is a harmonious fusion that brilliantly captures the spirit of Japan’s cultural heritage.

The Kyoto Connection also incorporated vintage instruments and audio equipment, such as the iconic Roland D-50 synthesizer, the Ensoniq TS-10 workstation, the Roland V-Synth and the Tascam Porta One cassette recorder. These vintage elements add depth and authenticity to the album’s sonic landscape.

The album’s cover art is a digital reinterpretation of Utagawa Hiroshige’s classic masterpiece “The junction of the Pilgrims’ Road at Seki in the Gifu prefecture” from the series “The Fifty-three Famous Places of Tokaido” (1855), created by the talented Vietnamese artist 胡日州 Hồ Nhựt Châu CC0, employing a captivating aesthetic of digital vector design.

As the third and final installment in a trilogy dedicated to the realm of Japanese ambient music, “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles” follows the group’s previous releases, “Postcards” (2018) and “The Flower, The Bird and The Mountain” (2022). “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles” is also heavily influenced by the ambient and new age music of Japan from the 80s and 90s, paying homage to the rich history and innovative artists of the era.

The Kyoto Connection, a musical trio from Argentina comprising Facundo Arena, Jesica Rubino, and Rodrigo Trado, has been crafting music inspired by Japan since 2005, despite not having had the opportunity to visit the country. Their dedication to the artistry and culture of Japan has fueled their musical journey, captivating audiences worldwide.

In their earnest pursuit of fulfilling their dream to visit Japan, The Kyoto Connection has established a donation page on their website,, offering fans and supporters an opportunity to contribute towards making their aspirations a reality.

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, allowing fans and music enthusiasts alike to join The Kyoto Connection on this extraordinary audio adventure.

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