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Welcome to The Kyoto Connection Radio. A carefully-selected curation of the best japanese ambient / environmental / instrumental / new age music.

🔊 We are LIVE 24/7!

Press “play” on the player to start listening.

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Feel free to leave us your comments / song requests below!


  • I can’t state enough how much this music helps me focus. I also love the retro aesthetic of this website.

    If you don’t mind me asking, why is your goal to reach Kyoto in particular?

  • oops, I just made a comment (paying you guys compliment!), but it just disapeared. Any reason for that?

  • This is really amazing, I am listening to this radio almost 24/7! Thanks for the numerous Hiroshi Yoshimura tracks.
    I wonder if you could also broadcast some tracks by Keiichi Sugimoto (his work as”fourcolor”, filfla or minamo is just so great)

  • Saludos desde México. La propuesta sobre que aparezcan los títulos de los tracks en su radio es buena.

    Por otro lado, me gustaría invitarlos a un programa dedicado al ambient en Antimateria Sonora Radio que suena en el norte de México en FM y en línea via la Estación de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. Abrazo!

  • Muchas gracias por la hermosa música. Tengo un interés en saber si cumplieron con el cometido o no !! , Si no, ojalá lo logren
    Saludos desde Chile

  • Any chance we might get a ‘Now Playing’ feature with song title/artists? A thousand thanks for creating this lovely musical fountain of serenity, keep up the good work KC!

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