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  • Thanks for such great music, hice una pequeña donacion me hubiese gustado dejar mas pero tengo medios limitados. El hecho de que pongais la música gratis es lo que me hizo dar ese paso extra y donar por vuestro trabajo. Tal como una madre orgullosa podéis estar seguros que he escuchado vuestro album “postcards” al menos 200 veces. Un abrazo muy fuerte y muy buena continuación !!

    • Hola Pablo! Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras de aliento, estamos muy contentos de saber que estás disfrutando de Postcards. Recibimos tu donación y no te imaginas lo mucho que nos ayuda en nuestro camino por llegar a Kyoto. ¡Estamos muy agradecidos!

      (¡te enviamos un enlace con toda nuestra disgrafía para que la disfrutes!)

  • Have been listening to you guys’ amazing works since last year! Defo one of my favourite! Keep it up!

    Btw is there a plan for publishing loseless files for your amazing albums?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Stan! We’re very happy you are enjoying our music.

      Compiling all our material in loseless files will take some work, and it’s something we could will do in the future. If you have a favorite album that you’d like to listen in a loseless format, let us know!

      Thank you for your interest!

  • Thank you so very much for your music, it’s so inspiring. I use to draw and whenever I need to get into a deep-thought-focused state.

    I love that your repertory is so wide, with songs for moments when I’m up and moments when I’m down.

    I heard many of your songs a good thousand of times across the years, so thank you so much for all your art.

    PS the web site looks awesome 🙂

    • Hi Dam! Thank you so much for your comment. We love working with different genres… “changing our hats” is a very creative way of approaching music!

      Glad you liked the new website! We’re enjoying so much the interaction with you all! Hope to see you often around here!

  • I’ve been listening to your amazing work for a couple of years now. First time I heard your songs was through a game, 3030 A Space Odyssey. And then I fell in love with all your songs… Que puedo decir, ‘The best days of my life’ y ‘Take on me’ son dos de mis canciones preferidas en mi vida. Como cuarentón friki que soy, vuestra música me hace muy muy feliz. Sólo espero poder veros algún día en directo 😉

    • Hi Nacho! Thanks for your comment! Many people discovered our project thanks to 3030 A Space Odyssey and we are very grateful to the developers of the game not only for considering our music for the game, but also for being really big supporters on our campaign to get to Kyoto.

      Nos vemos pronto!

  • Known about your band since Deathwar2020redux. Played it over an year ago but still listen to your songs now. Just saw the new online radio, it’s amazing. Stay safe.

  • Love your songs since deathwar 2020, how are you guys holding up with the pandemic? Has it killed or inspired creativity?
    The recent parody songs are popular in my household currently.
    Cant wait to hear more of your songs.

    • Hi Lyshian! Glad to know that you’re enjoying our music. What can I say about this pandemic… when the chance to travel to Kyoto for the first time finally arrived… pandemic appears! It was devastating news for us, we where so excited! So, yes, our plans will have to be redefined and meanwhile we will continue to do music, and share what we love with the world.

      Thank you for asking! Be safe, all the best for you and your loved ones!

  • Cant leave glasses guy hanging without a comment. Thank you for the music, but also thanks for the nostalgia trip back into the era of small personal websites.

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